All Angelic Voices classes are being held in person at The Act Arts Centre in Maple Ridge.  Sessions run for 8 weeks at a time (Fall, Winter and Spring).  Registration for all of our programs is done through the Act.    

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Online Classes and at Home Support (not currently offered)

Angelic Voices along with the Musikgarten community is committed to supporting music-making experiences for families and young children in whatever way makes everyone comfrotable.  
We want all of our families to stay safe while staying connected in socially responsible ways. So we are now offering Angelic Voices Online! Join us!

We are aware that parents of young children need support during this intense time. So we have put together some information to support you during this time.

Screen Time
Research has found that screen time in early childhood does not have to be detrimental. It can even be beneficial when it is socially interactive, based on developmentally appropriate principles, has good content, is used in the proper context, and is about creating.

zoom classSupporting Young Children’s Social-Emotional Development
Early childhood educators and parents alike are concerned about children’s social-emotional development during this time of social distancing and school/early childhood activity closings. But the good news is MUSIC can help! Make music together at home, or keep a community around you of those who can make music together. Family dance parties, lullabies, or simple recognizable favourites are just some ways to make music at home.

If your family has participated in Angelic Voices classes in the past, please consider joining Angelic Voices Online, to either reconnect or to stay close with your musical community and to add music to your weekly family routine.

If you have not participated in an Angelic Voices class, our online classes could be a great way for you and your family to play and learn together during this challenging time.

Our online classes also provide for (socially distanced!) social connections. Angelic Voices families can invite grandparents and other loved ones to join our weekly classes (no travel required!), you and other family members with young children who live in different cities or provinces can attend the same weekly online class, and you can also remain connected with the families in your own community.


The schedule below is for the FALL 2022 semester being held at The Act Arts Centre in Maple Ridge.  All classes run for 8 weeks.

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Bouncers (1 - 18 months)
Wigglers Multi-age (16 months to 4 years)

Explorers (4 - 5 years)

BOUNCERS (1-18 months) – 
Wednesdays - 9:35-10:05AMangelic voices music maple ridge

Designed for parents/caregivers and their babies to take together to help you form a closer bond which will give them a sense of love and security. We introduce bouncing, rocking, wiggling and peek-a-boo games. Singing, dancing and moving are key. The teacher is the coach and the parents learn how to play musically with their babies. Children will have an increased curiosity about music. This will help to develop their listening skills and give them a sense of flow and beat. Massage, sign language and musical play help create an environment which is fun and safe for you and your baby.

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WIGGLERS (16 months to 4 years) – 
Tuesdays - 9:45-10:15AM, 10:20-10:50AM
Wednesdays - 9:00-9:30AMangelic voices maple ridge 12

When baby starts walking they start to explore their surroundings and the world of sound more on their own. Join your toddler in this exploration through singing, chanting, listening, moving and playing simple instruments. In Wigglers we channel the toddler’s energy and allow them to freely express their feelings. This class assists memory through repetition and it stimulates the musical interaction between parent and child.

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EXPLORERS (4-5 years) – 
Tuesdays -  9:00-9:40AM (this class is an independent class, parent participation is not required)

In Explorers, we focus on activities that build on the child’s growing independence and competencies. We celebrate the four seasons, in four separate semesters, through musical play. Nurturing the preschooler’s ability to use language through songs, movement, dramatic play, exploration of instruments and imaginative stories. Explorers enhances moving, singing and talking skills while developing listening, focused attention and self-expression. And through all of these things lays the foundation for creative development. 

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(so sorry this option is not available at this time)

Music and instruments are NOT availlable for purchase at this time. See the full collection and Shop Now »

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